Centolla develops data science and economic forecasting solutions to help organizations make better decisions for their future.

Navigating an uncertain world.

Centolla develops data scienceand economic forecasting solutions to help organizations make better decisions for their future.


Economic forecasting

Accurate predictions for anything that matters to you.

  • Macroeconomic & Sectoral Predictions
  • Sales and Market Forecasting
  • Risk Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Prospective & Long-term Studies

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Data science solutions

Leverage data to optimize decisions in your organization.

  • Deep understanding of your specific problem
  • Advanced machine learning and AI
  • Production-ready solutions & clear outputs

Public development

We also apply our expertise to impactful projects in developing countries.

Centolla has been involved in 20+ public projects in Africa. Learn more about our recent projects.


We embrace uncertainty. Forecasting the future is hard. We often miss but usually less than most predictions. We see the future as a set of possible outcomes, never as one central scenario.

We are data & AI enthusiasts. We love to use large datasets and advanced AI when this brings clear value. We are optimistic about how technology is going to change economic forecasting for the better.

We are open to multiple perspectives. For each problem, we confront many views and models to build a unique solution.

Our work is evidence-based. Because nothing beats practice and actual results. We keep track of every forecast, analyse errors, improve the approach. Then repeat.

Efficiency is a top priority. We build solutions that let humans focus on what they are best at. And automate everything else.

We are transparent. Because our clients deserve realistic expectations and explainable results.



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Meta Forecast

A combination of GDP forecasts from multiple sources published at the beginning of each month.


Real-time monitor of economic activity in all African countries.

Learning Center

Face-to-face training and customized digital learning experiences.

Leadership Team

Antoine Herlin


Léo Barincou

Data science

Stéphie Maroux

Public finance